Laying Laminate Floors - Cutting laminate flooring

You will need to cut your laminate flooring to fit the shape of your room, remembering to leave space for items such as pipework.

Watch this helpful video from Wickes which explains how to lay a laminate floor
Before cutting always mark a line where you need to cut, for complicated shapes we suggest making a paper or cardboard template as it is easy to get an angle the wrong way round. Marking out the board
Always apply masking tape to the cutting area as this helps reduce chips. Make sure the line is clear as it will reduce confusion when you cut the board. Marked board

Use a power circular saw or chopsaw with a carbide toothed blade and cut from the non-decorative underside of the boards to avoid chipping. Alternatively, use a jigsaw hand saw and cut from the top of the boards.

Ensure you cut the planks carefully - they are strong and durable but may chip during cutting if care is not taken.

Cutting the board with a jigsaw

Cutting the boards around door architrave can be fiddly. Either make a template from a piece of paper or card. Often an easier way is to saw a piece from the bottom of the architrave, the thickness of the board. Fit a metal or wooden threshold strip designed for the purpose over the edge of the flooring.

It is better to do your cutting away from the work area - it keeps everything simpler and cleaner

Laying a laminate floor