Fitting a loft ladder

Fitting a loft ladder - Fitting a loft ladder helps you make effective use of the extra storage space of your loft much easier and reduces the risk of damaging walls moving ladders around.

There are different types of loftladders and many are fairly simple to install.

LoftladderAluminium loft ladders tend to be the cheapest but are noisier than wooden versions. Some of the more expensive ladders have side handrails and a spring action which automatically closes your loft hatch - Buy online

Cheaper loft ladders are generally made of lightweight aluminium which either fold into two/three sections or concertina downwards. Concertina loft ladders are easier and quicker to install and use less loft hatch space. However, these types of loft ladders are not so convenient to use as the more traditional loft ladders. - Buy online

Wooden LoftladderWooden Loftladders are more expensive but feel more solid and secure. They tend to be quieter than the metal types. - Buy online

Fitting a loft ladder

Fitting an aluminium loft ladder is pretty stright forward. However, before you purchase check that you have enough clearance above and in front of the loft hatch within the loft. Modern trussed rafter roofs can sometimes have restricted space.

We always recommend thouroughly reading the instructions before you start to make sure you fully understand what you need to do and to make sure that you have all the parts.

Here is a general guide as to the steps required:

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