Repair a broken fence post for under £10

Most timber fence posts usually go rotten after about 10 years although the main part of the fence is often fine. The failure occurs at the base of the post and to completely remove the fence post and refit in the existing fence is a long, complicated and costly job. Here is a simple way in which you can repair the post it will only be a couple of hours work. The fence will be good for many more years and you can do it all for under £10.

On the left hand side of the diagram below shows a typical fence post which has failed just below the ground line. The way to repair is as follows;

Fixing a fence post

Support the existing fence and dig out a hole about 200mm square close to the exist post. You may have to chop out some existing concrete. Usually fence posts are 100mm square and 2.4m tall for a 1.8m high fence. If you purchase a new 2.4m post you can cut it into two pieces at an angle and that will enable you to repair 2 fence posts.

Position the new short post by the side of the existing post see right hand diagram above. Drill a 14mm hole through the new and existing post and with 2 x225mm M12 bolts, nuts and washers bolt the two posts together.

Check the main post is upright and pack any old bits of hard core at the base of the new post and then add some new concrete to secure the new post in position. After a couple of days when the concrete is hard remove any temporary supports and your fence is good for many more years.

The picture below shows the finished job.

Fixing a fence post