Home Networking with ASDL Broadband

If you have more than one PC in your home then you should consider networking them together. The benefits of networking them include:

So what is home networking?

Home Networking is the connection of 2+ PCs/Laptops by either a cabled or wireless network. Networking technology has been around for a long time and commonplace by business. However, the application of home networks is quite new.

Home networking tends to use cut down versions of hardware. This is fine as most homes will have far fewer PCs connected than a business. It's still very very fast, and capable of connecting plenty of computers for home use.

Home Networking is the name for the technology. What it gives you are two main benefits:

Internet Sharing This allows two or more PCs/Laptops to share the same broadband connection. There are no additional charges from your Internet Service or Telephone Line provider.
File Sharing

Enables PCs to see and access each other's files, saving the hassle of copying to floppy disk or CD to transfer them between PCs. It also allows you to keep "big data" (music, photos etc.) on the PC that can handle it, while your older PCs can view/play the files via file sharing. Furthermore, you can take quick backups of any of your PCs, so that you have a copy of everything, if the worst should happen. You simply copy the files from one PC to another, direct. It's very quick and easy.

File sharing needs a home network to be in place, and involves changes to your Windows configuration.