The cost of buying a home

Moving home can be expensive which means its really important that you budget for the costs in advance. Here is a checklist that will help you work out the costs.



Buying Costs Rough costs for a £50,000 home Rough costs for a £100,000 How you can save money or further information
Stamp Duty £0 £1,000 Inland Revenue Stamp Duty Calculator
Solicitors Fees £600 £900  
Searches £25-£125 £25 - £125  
Land registry fee £80 £80  
Solicitors Extra's (also known as disbrsements) £35 £35  
Mortgage Lenders Legal Costs £300 £300  
Mortgage Indeminity Guarantee £500 £1,400 The lower the perecntage of your mortgages the lower this cost will be. Also some lenders to charge these fees
Valuation £110 £160 This is usually increased based on the value of your home
Survey Fee £300 £300 There are different types of survey [more]
Buildings Insurance £100 £200 Compare premiums from a number of insurers. Home Insurance Directory
Life Insurance £100 £250 Compare premiums from different providers - Life Insurance Directory
Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Depends   This can cover your mortgage repayments in the event of accident sickness or unemployment - compare several suppliers and its probably worth avoiding your lender as this is a real money spinner for them - Compare Costs