A guide to building a garden shed.

Building a high quality garden shedAdd up the value of your garden tools and you would be surprised as the total cost could well exceed £2000.

Also there are often too many of them to fit in to your garage which already has great demand for the space of house hold items.

Many of the standard sheds that you buy at the local garden centre are often made from thin lap boards and they can let the moisture in which accelerates the corrosion of your valuable tools.

The unique feature of the shed pictured above which makes it so different from others is that that it is insulated and this has proven results that because of its design and damp proofing the tools that are stored in it stay in remarkably good condition prolonging their life..

Our guide will show you in detail the steps needed to build a high quality, insulated garden shed like the one in the picture. A 16 page downloadable e-book in pdf format is available for just £4.99 including VAT.

Here is just some of the steps you will learn...Example shed diagram

There are photographs and helpful diagrams through out.

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Just £4.99 including VAT