Choosing which type of survey to have

In the UK there are absically three choices of house survey and the cost of these vary but be wary of cutting costs as this is really your main chance of finding out about any problems there are with the property

Valuation only Homebuyer Survey & Valuation Building Survey
This is not a survey its just really for your lender This is an economy survey that will pick up most of the major defects This is also known as a full structual survey

Most home buyers are confused about which survey to have. If you are taking out a morgage you will need to have a valuation. However, this is not for your benefit. The only purpose of this is to tell your lender the value of the property.

The building survey is the most comprehensive and will give you the most peace of mind. However it is expensive. A Homebuyer Survey & Valuation may be a good compromise as it is cheaper than a full survey and covers many of the points.