A guide to planning permission

When you plan to build, extend or change the use of your property you will generally need to consider both Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

If you are planning to build a house in the UK the majority of new building projects which involve new builds or extensions will require planning permission. Planning Permission consists of national regulations

Note that Scotland has a different set of rules to England & Wales

Managing the Planning Permission process is the responsibility of local authorities or in the national parks by the Park Authorities. Unfortunately, each local authority interprets the rules in their own way which means that just because you successfully got planning permission in one area does not mean you will in another.

To further complicate matters there are two types of planning permission:

Outline planning permission

Outline permission - usually last for 3 years and states that it is possible to build a home on the land

Full planning permission

Full planning permission - You need this before you start. This details the type of building that has permission and requires detailed plans

Planning permission hints and tips

You may also need to consider other regulations and consents for your new build, conversion or extension, these include:

There are a number of books that can help with planning permission, they can be found here.