Kitchen Lighting

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Kitchen lighting can make a real difference to how your kitchen looks. It needn't be expensive either. Using this kitchen as an example the dramatic uplighting effects have been created by using several florescent lights fixed to the top of the cabinets. The lights themselves have been hidden by the cornice at the top of the kitchen cabinets.

To add additional effect and improve the lighting over the sink three 50w 240v down lighters have been used.

The cost to achieve this lighting effect was less than £100.

A view of the fluorescent lighting above the kitchen cabinets. This low energy and low heat solution can be ideal for such an installation.

A view of the wiring an top of the down lighter units. These units are 240v 50w units. Its important to ensure that these units have an adequate air supply as they can get quite hot. However as you can see the affect is well worth the effort.